Magic Elf Door and North Pole Portal

When we put up our Christmas decorations, the elves magical portal appears. This is how they get from our house to the North Pole so quickly.

The shadowbox house shelf was custom made by MommyGoodies.

The additional accessories inside the shadowbox can be found in my earlier blog post North Pole Door.

5 thoughts on “Magic Elf Door and North Pole Portal

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  2. Hello love how this looks. You did a fantastic job. I was wondering where did you get the picture for inside the window and what size scale did you use for the brick wall?


    • Thank you for the compliments! The brick wall was 1/12 scale dollhouse contact paper. I was given some scrap pieces from a friend. It’s not real brick, only printed contact paper. It’s what individuals use when building their own dollhouses. The picture inside the window was just a basic photo I choose after a google search. I think I searched “inside Santa’s house” and got many options. I simply printed the size I needed after measuring the window and hot glued it in. I hope this helps!


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