Chuckie & Bella’s Elf Restore

Chuckie and Bella arrived at our workshop in a “very loved” condition. They were in need of a makeover. Seven hours later, these two are ready to go home and show off their new threads to their family. Thank you for visiting, Bella and Chuckie. Best wishes in your trip back home.

If you interested in restoring your overly “loved” elf or need assistance with wiring for standing and posable positions, please visit my Etsy Shop and send me a message.


That’s All Folks!

December 25: Tomorrow you won’t find us here or there. We’ve been called back to the North Pole. Santa is swamped and needs our help, so we must go fill that role.

We will return in 342 days!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  • Metal motorcycle with side car was purchased at Homegoods in their decor section. I found a similar one listed on eBay.
  • Claus Couture Flurry Flight Jacket and Googles were purchased at Target.
  • Claus Couture Polar Pattern Set (hats) can be purchased on
  • White scarves purchased at CutsiePutsie.
  • Street lamps purchased at TheDollyCottage.
  • White picket fence with garland purchased at Byers Choice.

Do Not Feed Santa’s Reindeer!

December 24: The sign says, “Do Not Feed Santa’s Reindeer”, but some elves fail to obey. The reindeer can get too excited, when they see a bag of oats and hay.



  • Do Not Feed Santa’s Reindeer *Free printable may be used for personal use, but NOT for resale and profit. A link back is always appreciated. It’s our wish to share this template for free in the spirit of the Christmas holiday, so please help us continue to do so.

Patriots Fans

Santa’s elves are Patriots fans. They love to watch them play. They’ll hoot and holler at their TV, with hopes that they win the game.


The North Pole Nursery

December 22: As elf moms and dads build toys in the workshop, elf babies need a warm place to stay. The North Pole Nursery provides love and care, while Santa’s helpers pack the sleigh.


St. Nick WOD with the CrossFit Elves

December 21: This one is for Coach Nick & Meredith, owners of CrossFit Surmount. Our family is honored to be apart of the Surmount community.

He sees you when your panting, he knows when you lift weights. He knows if you’ve PR’ed or not, so RX for goodness sakes. Oh, you better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout, I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is coaching tonight!

Merry “Fit”mas from the elves!


Come Join Elf Artists at Elf Academy

I just received the kindest email today from a blog follower! It’s little notes like these and words of encouragement that keep me going on these sleepless nights setting up the elves for my kiddos; otherwise, I’d most likely just give up.

I also want to mention that I get a lot of emails and messages asking for pointers and tips. A bunch of us “Elf Artists” created a Facebook group a week ago, and we already have grown to 61 members as of this moment. If you are looking for inspiration, tips, and tricks, this group has thee most elite elf creators I’ve ever seen on any Facebook group. Everyone is willing to share and help. Please come and join us!

The group is attached to my Facebook page, but you may also find it here: Elf Academy