The Planning Begins!

This weekend, I started the planning and crafting stages for our elves. I began to feel overwhelmed when trying to pull my ideas together, making sure I have everything I need, and making a list of what I need to make. Suddenly I realized I was trying to organize 76 ideas! 🤦🏼‍♀️ No wonder I was feeling stressed. What in the world was I doing – I only need 25 ideas! (December 1 – 25) It was difficult narrowing down the ideas that I’ll use this year, but some will have to wait until Christmas 2019. I’m looking forward to sharing the elves antics with my kids and all of you in 55 days! ☃️


Most Popular Pins on Pinterest…

I can tell the Christmas season is approaching, when an email alerts me of the 20,425 impressions (pins) received in one week on these three elf pins alone! I sincerely enjoy sharing our elves antics and the printable props. Sometimes I wonder if I should continue posting, and if my shares are helping other parents out there. But I know I must continue when I see the thousands of pins, and people around the world sharing their photos of the printable props they used from my blog and Pinterest. Last, but not least, the many elfing-parent friends I’ve made! ❤️🎄

Upcycled Vintage Elves For Sale

If you’re like many other parents who are tired of the generic elf look or are tired of explaining to your kids why replicas of their elves are being sold in every store, well… here is the solution. These one-of-a-kind elves are vintage Christmas elves that have been upcycled and recreated. These upcycled vintage Christmas elves were in need of some tender loving care, and they got it! They’ve been cleaned, given new hats, bodies and pillow stuffing. New clothes and shoes can be added at an additional charge. Also, for an additional charge, wire and magnets can be added to the inside to make them posable for the ability to do more fun and exciting things for your children. They are now ready to be adopted by a new family, so they can bring another generation of smiles this December.

Hurry and get yours now! Once our supply is sold out, we will not be making any more.

Etsy Store: A Little Of This That

Elf on the Shelf iPhone X Wallpaper

December is right around the corner, so it’s time to start preparing! I’m not just talking about the elves and other Christmas decor. Mobile devices need a little Christmas decorating too! I slapped together this here iPhone X Wallpaper for the Lock Screen and Home Screen. As you already know, I’m all about sharing anything elf! Feel free to use this wallpaper for your own iPhone X.

Artwork courtesy of Miss Kate Cuttables