Sharing Around the World ❤️

It gives me SO much joy when people from AROUND THE WORLD share their photos after creating my free printable elf props. Helene is from France, so her blog is in French. Thank you for the share, Helene! Merry Christmas!


Most Popular Pins on Pinterest…

I can tell the Christmas season is approaching, when an email alerts me of the 20,425 impressions (pins) received in one week on these three elf pins alone! I sincerely enjoy sharing our elves antics and the printable props. Sometimes I wonder if I should continue posting, and if my shares are helping other parents out there. But I know I must continue when I see the thousands of pins, and people around the world sharing their photos of the printable props they used from my blog and Pinterest. Last, but not least, the many elfing-parent friends I’ve made! ❤️🎄

I Think I Have a Problem: Strange Elf Addiction

Y’all, I’m so ashamed. Instead of a closet full of beautiful shoes, handbags and clothes, I have a spare closet full of elf accessories. 🤪 As the saying goes, “The first step is admitting you have a problem.” As embarrassing as this may be, here is a sort of behind-the-scenes look at my elf addiction.